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Awareness Week

Please Support NZRDA Awareness Week 2016

The week of 1 - 7 August 2016 is New Zealand Riding for the Disabled's Annual Awareness Week.

We are a charitable organisation that provides opportunities for anyone with a disability to enjoy safe, healthy, stimulating, therapeutic horse riding and horse-related activities in New Zealand. Collectively, our 56 RDA Groups in New Zealand assist over 3,000 riders each year, and help to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities in the community.

People who have a disability can benefit greatly from being in a RDA Riding Programme. Riding is an enjoyable form of healthy, outdoor exercise, and a challenging and motivating activity. Interactions with the horse and the effects of its movement on the human body also have significant therapeutic benefits.

Riding therapy programmes are designed to complement conventional therapies and special needs education. Each Rider has an individual programme, which takes into account their own abilities, needs and personal goals. For over 50 years, RDA Riding Programmes have been used to develop and improve the abilities of people with physical, psychologial and social disabilities.

Riding for the Disabled needs your support, to keep changing the lives of people in the community. Please give generously during our Awareness Week.



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