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Bilbo's Story

Bilbo is an 18 year old Grey Gelding, and has been a valuable part of the regular riding programme at Wellington Group RDA since he was five.

The Wellington Group were fortunate to be donated the enigmatic Bilbo as a young pony, after a previous career spent in Western Riding.

Standing at a solid 14.2 hands high, Bilbo caters for a wide range of Riders - from high needs and therapeutic Riders, to independent Riders learning to trot and canter.  He is also used as a key component of their Eagala programme.

Known as the Group’s “character horse” thanks to his cheeky personality, Wellington Group Coach, Laura Rutten, also describes him as an extremely intelligent pony with a busy lifestyle.

“Bilbo needs to be stimulated both mentally and physically, so he receives plenty of work variety outside of RDA to keep him interested. He enjoys hacking up the hills, along the roads, schooling in the arena and playing hoof ball.

In 2009 Bilbo was chosen as the NZRDA Horse of the Year, based on his long and valued service to Wellington Group RDA, and the outcomes he has achieved for hundreds of Riders in that time.

In order for Bilbo to be ‘encouraged’ to paint his first-ever artwork for the Great RDA Horse Doodle campaign, a plan was formed – Bilbo’s paintbrush would have its handle dipped in Molasses (Bilbo’s favourite), with the chewing motion moving the paintbrush around over the canvas.

The plan worked – with a little bit of help with RDA staff – and the final artwork depicts an orange steed galloping across a lush green field (use your imagination!).  Bilbo was also kind enough to dip one of his hooves into some blue paint, to use as a signature for his horse doodle masterpiece. 

Find out more about Wellington Group RDA by going to their Facebook page.

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