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Jordan's Story

12 year old Jordan was born with cerebral palsy, which makes it hard for him to control his muscle movements. As a result, Jordan is unable to walk independently or talk, and only has limited use of his limbs.

Despite this, Jordan is like any other boy. He loves life, has a great sense of humour and is passionate about his music, his picture books and animals. He is particularly fond of horses.

Jordan joined the RDA Riding Programme at age 10 following a hip surgery, which had had a detrimental impact on his strength. After eight weeks in bed, he could no longer sit straight in his wheelchair and hold his head up, despite intensive therapy following the surgery.

During his first ride at RDA, Jordan only just managed two laps of the arena with the physio and sidewalker working very hard to facilitate him to prop himself upright, but despite the hard work he loved the experience.

In the sessions that followed, the goals were to help strengthen his neck and upper body muscles to improve his posture - and as the weeks went by, his rides became longer and Jordan grew increasingly stronger.

Two years later and with the help of RDA, Jordan is now able to sit straight and weight bear again. Whenever he takes part in an RDA Riding Session, his spirits are up and he smiles from ear to ear.

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