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Bequests to NZRDA

Leaving a bequest to NZRDA is a wonderful way to help ensure that we can continue operating our vital services to the community in future years.

We need your support to help over 3,000 disabled Riders from all walks of life each year, as our Riding Programmes help improve their quality of life and provide them with the therapy, skills and freedom that they deserve.

The biggest gift of your life could be to simply include the NZRDA in your Will. Thank you for considering us.

Making a Will

Every adult should have a valid and current will. Unfortunately many New Zealand adults either do not have a will, or their will may be out of date or rendered invalid via marriage, separation or divorce. If you die without a valid will, legislation decides how your estate is to be distributed according to a set formula, which may well not reflect your wishes.

A will is not about death – it shows that you care about those you love. Making a will can give peace of mind, knowing that your wishes for family, friends and community organisations important to you, have been identified and addressed.

You may choose to leave specific items (jewellery, real estate, furniture, family mementoes) to particular beneficiaries, or you may choose to share your entire estate on a percentage basis. You may choose NZRDA as a beneficiary in your will, which can be done in the same way as choosing any individual.

Your will is a legal document, and we recommend that you have it prepared by a lawyer so that it is worded and signed correctly. This ensures your estate will be able to be distributed in accordance with your wishes.

Leaving a Bequest

Bequest giving is a simple and effective way of continuing your support for your favourite charity or if you want to make a real investment in the charity’s vital services into the future.

Choosing your bequest

Your bequest can take one of a number of forms:

  • a percentage of the value of the estate (meaning the bequest will grow in proportion to the size of the estate)

  • the residue of the estate after payment of any debts and provision for family and other beneficiaries

  • a specified amount of money or item of property (be aware that a specified gift may alter in proportional value to the rest of your estate).

The proper wording to use

I give to the New Zealand Riding for the Disabled Association Incorporated [the sum of $xx/residue of my estate/description of property of assets] for:
a. its general purposes OR
b. the specific purpose of [insert here].2

And I declare that a receipt appearing to be given by the Chief Executive Officer or an authorised officer of New Zealand Riding for the Disabled Association Incorporated shall be a full and sufficient discharge to my trustees.

A bequest is a wonderful way to support NZRDA beyond your lifetime. A bequest has no effect on your financial situation now, and will mean so much to the people we care for.

If you are considering making a Bequest or would like to talk about what is involved and how this can help the work of NZRDA, then please contact us on 04 234 6090 or email us at

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