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The role of the Horse at RDA

Ideal Horses are hard to find - not all are suited to this specialised work, and much time and care goes into their selection, training and welfare. Most RDA Groups’ Horses are purchased, but they can also be hired or loaned from riding schools, or on long term lease or loan, where a private owner retains legal ownership.

Profiles of our RDA Horses

Click the links below to read the profiles of a few of our valued RDA Horses.

RDA Horse Welfare

Our "Horse selection 'Training and Welfare' Policy" applies to all Groups to ensure appropriate high standards are maintained.

As part of the RDA Team along with the Volunteers and Riders, the Horse is used in a variety of ways, including:

  • Recreational Riding to help build confidence and encourage participation and communication.

  • Therapeutic Riding to help stimulate the Rider’s nerves, strengthen muscles, and increase mobility and health. Horses can also provide psychological benefits whether the person rides them or not.

  • Hippotherapy, which literally means ‘therapy with the horse’, where a Rider is appropriately positioned on a horse and utilises the horses’ movement.



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