Qualifications you can do

Qualifications you can do

June 16, 2020

Did you know NZRDA offers a range of qualifications to support volunteers and coaches in their roles?

These are NZQA qualifications and cover a range of equine, coaching and disability awareness skills needed to support our riders.

Volunteers and coaches can work towards the following qualifications as part of their roles.

NZ Certificate in Equine Skills (Level 2)

  • This is an introduction to equine skills for volunteers and those who are wanting to work along the Coaching pathway but who may not necessarily have the horse skills.

NZ Certificate in Equine Level 3 (Therapeutic Riding – Assistant Coach)

  • This is an NZRDA specific qualification, which teaches the skills needed for an assistant coach to be able to be safe and confident running an RDA session.

NZ Certificate in Equine Level 4 (Therapeutic Riding – Coach)

  • This is also an NZRDA specific qualification for those who have already completed their Level 3. It provides more specialist skills which are needed for developing RDA programmes and working as part of a wider RDA team.

All our qualifications use a combination of practical and theoretical learning and are designed to be completed part time, as on the job training.

They are a great way to increase your skills, confidence and understanding of our riders and horses.

If you are interested in any of these qualifications, discuss with your local RDA group or contact NZRDA on 0800 469 732 or .

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