Riding for 1,000km – No Problem!

Riding for 1,000km – No Problem!

June 2, 2022

Siobhan is participating in the Mongol Derby race which starts on 23 July 2022!

This race is in Mongolia and involves riding Mongolian horses for 1,000km.

Riders race from station to station on semi-wild Mongolian horses, changing horse at every station after vets have checked for heart rate, soundness and general well-being. (Stations are 35 to 40 km apart so the distances for the horses are kept reasonable and the horses are carefully checked by vets at each station).

Siobhan has selected New Zealand Riding for the Disabled as her charity of choice. Thank you Siobhan!

The course is 1,000km long. It’s a race that is full of challenges, and for some riders, tribulations.

Take a look at Siobhan’s fundraising page for the Mongol Derby – her page will be updated from time to time so you can see how she is getting on.

Photo: Belinda Pratt