Wills Month

Wills Month

July 3, 2024

Some supporters have been asking questions about Wills and we appreciate that people need independent advice. To assist, RDA is holding Wills Month from 1 August 2024 to 31 August 2024.

For Wills Month we have the following information for you if this is of interest.

  • Free Wills via an independent law firm
  • Free Wills via an Online Wills service
  • Webinar from an independent law firm on 30 July 2024

Please be assured that there is no obligation to make a gift in your will to a charity.

Free Wills from Independent Law Firm

Rainey Collins have offered to provide free wills to people as long as they complete these by 31 August 2024. People do not have to be based in Wellington because they can do this remotely if people would like.

Free Wills from Online Wills Service

There will be 20 free online wills available via the Public Trust website. If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please contact NZRDA via email on and NZRDA will send you the link. (Please note, if you would like to take advantage of a free will you must contact NZRDA first).

Webinar about Wills on 30 July 2024

Rainey Collins (a Wellington-based legal firm) will be providing general information for people about Wills and this may be relevant to you.

The date for the webinar is Tuesday 30 July 2024 – 7pm to 8pm.

About the Webinar Presenter

Andie Donnelly is a senior solicitor in the Property and Personal Legal Services team at Rainey Collins, and an expert in the Wills and asset protection area.

More Details About the Webinar

Most people don’t realise the importance of having an up to date Will. If you don’t have a Will, your assets can end up with people you didn’t intend them to, and it can create a lot of work and stress for those left behind.

This webinar will be particularly helpful if you are considering putting a Will in place or if you are updating a current Will and would like guidance on factors you may wish to consider.

In this free, practical, online webinar, senior solicitor Andie Donnelly will take you through:

  • Why you should have a Will;
  • What you should include in a Will;
  • What happens if you die without a Will;
  • Why it is important to regularly update your Will; and
  • How to deal with complicated situations like assets in multiple countries or children from prior relationships.

There will also be time for questions towards the end of the webinar.

How to register

Please click the link below or phone Rainey Collins on 0800 469 732 to register your place.

If you are not able to attend but would like to watch the webinar afterwards, please register and it will be possible to watch the webinar later.

To register for the Webinar about Bequests for the general public, please go to the link provided by Rainey Collins. This webinar is available afterwards only if you have registered.

More Information

If you would like more information, click here.

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