Make a Matching Gift

Many people choose to provide a matching gift. By encouraging other supporters, your gift will help even more riders.

Here’s what your gift can do:

Your gift of $1,000 could be doubled to $2,000
Your gift of $2,000 could be doubled to $4,000
Your gift of $10,000 could be doubled to $20,000

We will be able to let other donors know that you have offered to match their gift up to a maximum amount decided by you.

So your generosity will encourage others. You can remain anonymous and help riders without even leaving home.

We hope you will consider giving a matching gift. Without your generosity, we will have big waiting lists and disappointed riders. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can choose to give a matching gift and get more riders on horses.

A Matching Gift from your Employer

If you work for an organisation with a large number of employees, your employer may have a Matching Gift Programme.

This means that if you give a donation to charity, that your employer will match your donation. So if you are thinking of donating, find out about this and then you can double your impact.

Talking to us

If you are considering making a Matching Gift, then please contact us on 0800 4NZRDA (0800 469 732) or send an email to .

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