Therapy Programme

Our therapy programme is set for each rider in conjunction with an NZ registered  therapist. Each rider will have a different required outcome. Through using riding skills, alternative positioning and alternative saddles or equipment, riding helps stimulate all parts of the body, build muscle strength, improve coordination and balance and improve walking ability. Riders in this programme usually have higher support needs, and often use wheelchairs. They have specific goals developed by a trained RDA Coach and a therapist, to ensure the best outcome is achieved for them.

Education Programme

Our education programme focuses on school aged riders, with goals that are linked to the NZ curriculum such as supporting literacy and numeracy skills. The RDA environment and activities can be adapted to teach a wide range of educational skills and goals and programmes are often aligned to their IEP goals (individual Education Plans) that are developed as part of their school programme.

Sport & Recreation Programme

Our sport and recreational riding programme offers exercise and active recreation and leisure activities in a challenging, fun and supportive environment.  All riders have individual set outcomes/goalsand these may include pathways to pony club, riding centres, Para-Equestrian or Special Olympics. Recreational riding can help maintain a rider’s independence and functionality.

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