Volunteer Opportunities

Looking for meaningful volunteer work opportunities?

Discover the joy and impact of being an RDA volunteer. It’s not just rewarding; it’s life-changing for both you and our riders.

All skills are welcome and all training is provided on the job.

Witness the positive change in people's lives

Volunteering offers the opportunity to witness firsthand the transformative impact you make on rider’s lives. You become an integral part of their journey towards improved health, wellbeing, and self-confidence.

Whether it’s a child learning how to improve balance or an adult with mobility issues taking confident strides, the change is not just in them; it’s a change you get to see and feel within yourself too.

You are not merely a spectator; you become an enabler and a catalyst for betterment in the lives of people living with physical, intellectual, emotional and social challenges.

Read our volunteer stories!

I volunteer because I get to see the riders grow in confidence and strength.

Volunteer - Wellington RDA

I volunteer because I enjoy helping others. I enjoy giving back to the community.

Volunteer - Tararua RDA

Volunteer Roles and Opportunities

Whether you’re a horsey or non-horsey person, there is a role for you at your local RDA Group. Explore a variety of volunteer work opportunities with us, including:

  • Leading: Work along side our horses to ensure a safe and high quality ride programme.
  • Side-walking: Provide additional safety, support and encouragement to our riders.
  • Pre and Post-Ride Support: Help prepare riders for their session and assist with after-ride activities.
  • Horse Care: Assist in grooming and feeding, ensuring our horses are healthy and happy.
  • Ground Maintenance: Keep our facility tidy and welcoming.
  • Committee Participation: Have a say in how our organization grows.
  • Administrative Support: Behind-the-scenes roles that keep our programs running smoothly.
  • Fundraising and Marketing: Help us gain the resources to make a bigger impact


Please note that for health and safety reasons, volunteers must be at least 14 years old. It would be best to discuss this with your local RDA Group as some Groups may have a higher minimum age.

Safety checking – which includes police and reference checking – is carried out before a volunteer can start at a group.

Find Volunteer Opportunities Near You

Become part of our RDA volunteer dream team today!

With your contribution to our volunteer work opportunities, we can reach more riders, change more lives!

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