Riding brings Confidence and Community

Riding brings Confidence and Community

March 9, 2020

Seven-year-old Lucia looks confident and happy on her Riding for the Disabled horse, Honey.

She loves all the different sorts of strengthening activities involved during rides, like playing with a ring.

See for yourself – check out the video below!

Yet, before she started riding, her challenges meant activities like sitting up and walking were a struggle every day of her life.

“When Lucia started with us three years ago, she needed two side walkers and a lot of support. She’s much stronger now and can ride independently. It’s awesome seeing the improvement,” says Kelly, one of the volunteers involved in Lucia’s inspiring journey.

Riding for the Disabled is delivered by over 50 groups around the country. Our volunteers are essential in enabling disabled kids like Lucia to enjoy riding and get great support.

The RDA programme is one of the best therapies available but we have big waiting lists and we need more volunteers to help more riders.

The improvement in Lucia’s physical abilities, and those of our other riders, comes from the movement of their horses – it helps develop balance, core strength, hand/eye co-ordination, concentration, confidence, and social skills.

The rider feels empowered within a supportive community.

Joining the RDA programme is about more than the riding itself. Our riders, their families, whānau and caregivers, as well as our volunteers, benefit greatly from being part of our caring community and being around people who just ‘get it’.

Lucia in chair


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