RDA helps Harper to meet his goals

RDA helps Harper to meet his goals

January 27, 2020

Jason Moses is competing for NZRDA in the 2020 Coast to Coast Race on 7 and 8 February.

He decided to select NZRDA as his charity of choice because he knows a young NZRDA rider named Harper.

Harper is 9 years old now, but he benefited from riding when he was younger. The story below explains how riding at RDA helped Harper to meet his goals, and why Harper was Jason’s inspiration.

Jason and Harper, we think you are both amazing!

Meet Harper

Harper was only three when he came to RDA for his first ride. He always has a big, beautiful smile for everyone when he arrives for his riding session, and he certainly brightens up our day.

Harper loves to tell people about his riding, and ‘his’ horse Lacey. He is always so excited to see her, and we’re sure she must feel the same. Harper loves playing with his toys, being with people, and lots of talking – and at RDA he can do all these things and ride a horse at the same time!

Of course, the really special benefit to Harper is the therapy which is built into these fun activities. Harper’s Mum, Kelly, knew about RDA from various stories in the media and was hopeful that the riding therapy could help to improve Harper’s body strength, balance and communication skills.

It is very rewarding that Kelly tells us she has seen the riding programme bring very positive benefits to Harper over the years. He now has great understanding and empathy for animals, and the riding has worked wonders for his posture, balance and concentration – and has even helped in getting him to slow down a bit.

Kelly says, “Riding has been an integral part of how far Harper has come and the amazing feats he has achieved so far.” It’s certainly always a pleasure to see Harper, Kelly, and little brother Otis at rallies each week, and a privilege to help Harper to meet his goals.

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