Young Volunteer of the Year 2022

Young Volunteer of the Year 2022

May 27, 2023

Emily started volunteering just over six months ago as a leader/side-walker on a Saturday, then started attending on Wednesday and Thursday.

Emily’s greatest strength is her empathy and insight into rider’s needs. When a rider demonstrates challenging behaviour, her response is always to try and understand what that rider needs, for example by way of sensory input. She gives fantastic feedback to our coaches and provides such value to the quality of our programme.

She didn’t come to us with much horse experience but is keen to learn and always willing to try something new. Her confidence working with horses has blossomed over the time she has been with us.

Emily is one of our most dependable volunteers and is always happy to lend a hand when extra help is needed. She instils confidence in parents and coaches, and all-round makes RDA a better place.

Emily was recently awarded the NZRDA Young Volunteer of the Year 2022 Award at the NZRDA Annual Awards Dinner.

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