Maddie and Indie are benefiting from a qualified Coach

Maddie and Indie are benefiting from a qualified Coach

September 11, 2023

You can make sure that riders have what they need – which is a Coach who is qualified and can help them reach their goals.

The value of a Coach is enduring. The benefit continues for years into the future.

Today I wanted to tell you about our riders Maddie and Indie. You may have previously read about Kate the Coach. Kate is the Coach for Maddie and Indie.

Kate the Coach with one of the RDA horses, Ringo

To make sure that we have enough coaches to support riders, we want to continue and grow our Coaching Programmes, so we can train more Coaches just like Kate.

Here’s Maddie and Indie, some of our keen riders.

Tell me about Maddie

Rider Maddie practicing her rein skills
Rider Maddie improving her balance
Rider Maddie with horse Aladdin

Kate, Maddie’s Coach, describes the skills that Maddie has learned from therapeutic horse riding.

“Maddie is another amazing rider I have had the privilege to work with. When she first started, Maddie mounted with assistance from our ramp. She can now step up into the saddle (on a very big horse) from a mounting block, showing incredible improvement in her strength, balance and flexibility.”

Maddie’s Mum sums it up best:
“The physical benefits Maddie receives from RDA are fantastic. However, it is the social & emotional benefits that are priceless. RDA provides the children that attend an opportunity to feel included – and to push the limits of what they believe is possible for themselves.”

We continue to train and grow our Coaches who support our riders in setting and meeting their goals.

Our riders can gain skills that will transfer to everyday life and enable them to participate more in their families and their communities.

Maddie’s Mum loves seeing the progress her daughter is making at RDA.

Tell me about Indie

Indie is another rider who has Kate as her coach.

The photo below is of Indie at one of her riding sessions.

Rider Indie on horse Melody
Rider Indie doing her stretches

Kate, Indie’s Coach, talks about how Indie is working hard on her skills at Riding for the Disabled.

“Indie is one incredible rider whose confidence has blossomed over her time at RDA. When she first started she was shy and preferred to work with the same volunteers each ride. After just a couple of weeks of RDA Indie was attending school more regularly and for longer each day. She started wearing new riding pants, though pajamas are still the favourite attire.
Very quickly she became one of our most confident riders and will now proudly tell volunteers exactly what she has been working on, also often helping with new volunteers to show them the ropes! Indie is now trotting independently (going fast without anyone helping) and is even learning to jump. I can hardly keep up with Indie’s progress and can’t wait to see what she achieves.”

Choose to make a kind gift for the Coaching Programme today.

By supporting our riders with a gift which will help train Coaches, you are helping a rider to focus on their riding session, and to enjoy the experience and the RDA community.

Your kind gift will be used to enable training to continue for Coaches and this not only supports an individual Coach, but the entire RDA community.

We want all groups to have enough qualified Coaches available at their local group to be able to meet the demand for riding sessions in their communities.

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